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I really do believe that food and drink can bring up memories.  They can lead to superstitions and traditions, many times without even realizing it.  To find out what our writers’ vices are I asked them this:
Is there a food or drink you associate with the Sharks?

The thing that comes to my mind when it comes to food or drinks and the Sharks is a shot me and a buddy created a while back while relaxing at the bar at TGI Fridays we called the Shark tooth, which is essentially a blue Kamikaze. And every time the Sharks scored, shots were $2 each. The 5+ goal games were always enjoyable.

It’s Always Hot Wings and Molson…because that’s hockey!!!

Great White beer became a playoff classic a couple years ago, but other than that it’s the buffalo chicken sandwich at the Brit for sure.

Great White beer and Wing Stop. For some reason, that is always what I get with my buddies for the game.

I make a white chicken chili at least once a month during an away game I know will be stressful for me to listen to or watch. It keeps me from flipping out during games, it tastes good, keeps me occupied, and I got the recipe from a friend of mine who is married to a hockey player so it always reminds me of good frriends and good hockey. That and I like to drink Molson at the Tank.

Wings, Sharkie Shooters, Molson, and Great White?  This is how I know I belong in this group.  The first place I ever had Molson was at the Tank, so I’ll always get it between periods.  When I go to a game with my family, we tend to wind up at Bluefin down the street, so I keep it reserved for only those occasions.

Blades of Teal ~ The Final Word On Sharks Hockey.
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