Feb 15, 2012; Vancouver, British Columbia,CANADA; Colorado Avalanche forward TJ Galiardi (39) during the warmup against the Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena. Mandatory Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin-US PRESSWIRE

Hot Topic: TJ Galiardi

Greetings from Canada! I spent the past week or so at Calgary Stampede in Alberta Canada and kept running into the same conversation over and over again. As soon as people found out I wrote for a website all about the Sharks they all wanted to tell me about how they knew TJ Galiardi. Well, he is from Calgary so I would assume some people know him there, but it seriously felt like everyone and their mom knew him. A couple of folks thought he still played for Colorado and others were under the impression he was still wrestling with San Jose in salary arbitration. (Red flags they may not know the hockey player as well as they claimed). Others however knew all about his re-signing with the Sharks and his apparent excitement at throwing that teal sweater back on come this fall. Whatever the case may be, Albertans are proud of TJ and his accomplishments in the hockey world. I just thought he looked cool drinking out of a boot with Taylor Hall on twitter in a cowboy outfit, but to each his own right?

All joking aside, what are the Sharks hoping to get out of Galiardi? It is no secret that Galiardi struggled with the Avalanche before being traded to San Jose, but what exactly is it that makes him worth almost a million bucks to the Sharks? Perhaps its the potential he exhibited during his rookie season with the Avalanche. He had finished the year as the sixth highest rookie goal scorer and was an invaluable member of the Avs roster. Unfortunately he suffered a sophomore slump and ended up with the Sharks. I am curious to see how the Sharks plan on resurrected the hot shot rookie year that Galiardi had now that they have some time to develop him as a member of the organization.

Sometimes the system fails to help a player develop after a certain point and perhaps this is what happened with TJ. Either way, while not always known for great player development in season, the Sharks always seem to start strong and I imagine they will do all it takes to make the US/Canadian Cowboy garb wearing Galiardi into a fin fan favorite before the season is over.



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