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BoT Roundtable - Take Your Marks

It’s true that there’s really no bad seat in the Tank.  Still, people have their preferences as to where they want to sit.  In case anyone wants to take some of our writers to a game, I asked them this to give people a buying guide:

Regardless of cost and availability, where in the Tank would you get your season tickets for?

Section 209…It’s always a party there!!!

Anywhere in the last row of the lower bowl. Close enough to see the action but not obstructed to the glass. And best of all, no one behind you!

Honestly. I would prefer the upper bowl first 5 rows. The action is close and the angle of view is amazing. I prefer that over the back lower bowl any day. Of course nothing beats the first two rows lower bowl. Bought 50 dollar tickets there once for a non sold out ‘Yotes vs. Sharks game.

Some of my parents’ first dates were to Montreal Canadiens games back at the Forum, and they had the fortune of sitting in Toe Blake’s seats for a couple games…and they were located right where ours are currently.  Blake used to say that the corners, 15-25 few rows back, are the best vantage points in any building because its the place from which you can see the most of the ice surface (3 corners).
Center ice would be the best if you’re trying to get a sense of the momentum of the game (particularly if you were going to a game in someone else’s barn and you didn’t care about either team).  And maybe 10 rows back so you’re far enough back to see a lot but close enough to hear everything.

I’d go with Sec 213.  I’ve sat there a few times and the people are a lot of fun to be around.  Great view too, doesn’t leave you straining to see one side of the rink or swiveling your head.  As for particular place in the section, I would take the first row simply because I want a place to put my food that isn’t the ground.

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