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Sharks Playoff Senario’s Heading Into Regular Season Finale vs LA Kings

Sharks Playoff Scenario’s- The following is the list of Sharks playoffs scenario’s heading into Saturday Night’s Regular Season Finale versus the Los Angeles Kings. A nemesis from last season, the St Louis Blues are (like it or not) going to be playing a heavy role in it. The Blues host the Chicago Blackhawks Saturday in St Louis. The top seeded team in the Western Conference, the Blackhawks, really have nothing to play for since they’ve already clinched the top seed in the conference plus. The Blackhawks will be at home through the Stanley Cup Finals should they get that far. They do not need anymore points in the standings since they’ve locked up all they could. Look for the Blackhawks to sit their big guns either as healthy scratches or just not play them much if at all. The Blues on the other hand have playoff seeding on their side and will take the 4th seed with the win.

Should the Blues lose in regulation, the Sharks – Kings game takes on a life of it’s own. The only scenario that exists for a Sharks vs Kings matchup would be if the Sharks win a three point game after a Blues regulation loss. Below is a nice breakdown of the Sharks playoff scenario’s courtesy of CSN…

If Blues win Saturday: – Blues will be 4th seed – Sharks/Kings winner will be 5th seed   Sharks/Kings game ends with Sharks win: – Sharks would be 5th seed – Kings will be 6th seed (hold ROW tiebreaker over Wild) – 7th & 8th seeds DET/MIN/CBJ…

Sharks/Kings game ends with Kings win in regulation: – Kings would be 5th seed – Sharks would be 6th seed if Minnesota earns 3 points or fewer in their two remaining games – Sharks would be 7th seed if Minnesota wins both remaining games  

Sharks/Kings game ends with Kings win in OT/SO: – Blues would be 4th seed – Kings would be 5th seed – Sharks would be 6th seed

If Blues earn 1 point Saturday: – Finish 4th if Sharks win (Sharks finish 5th) – Finish 5th if Kings win (Kings finish 4th) – If Kings win, Sharks finish 6th or 7th, depending on how Wild do in 2 remaining games, and whether or not Sharks-Kings is 3-point game

If Blues lose in regulation Saturday: – Sharks/Kings winner is 4th – If 3-point game and Sharks win: Sharks 4th, Kings 5th, Blues 6th – If 3-point game and Kings win or if Kings win in regulation: Kings 4th, Blues 5th, Sharks 6th – If Sharks win in regulation: Sharks 4th, Blues 5th, Kings 6th

Around 10pm Friday Night, all of this should be cleared up…

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**source: http://www.csnbayarea.com/sharks/sharks-playoff-scenarios

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