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Official 2013 NHL Draft Order


San Jose, CA– Today the National Hockey League officially released the draft order that will commence this Sunday June 30th in Newark, NJ at the Prudential Center as the Devils organization play hosts to this years draft. The start of the draft will begin at 12p local time with all seven rounds being completed on that day. In addition, the draft will be televised on the following networks, for US viewers, tune in on NBC Sports Network and for Canadian viewers it will be broadcasted on TSN and RDS (French speaking audiences). Live coverage will go from 12p-5p.

Here’s what San Jose Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson had to say regarding the upcoming draft.

“This is viewed as just a really, really strong draft,” Wilson said Monday during a news conference. “You’re going to get really good players all the way through the second round. You go back to the ’03 draft, the quality of players and where they were picked.”

The following players selected in the draft class of 03, Sharks forward/defenseman Brent Burns went to the Minnesota Wild at No. 20. Patrice Bergeron (Boston Bruins) and Shea Weber (Nashville Predators) lasted until midway through the second round. Ryan Suter (Nashville), Zach Parise (New Jersey Devils), Ryan Getzlaf(Anaheim Ducks), Ryan Kesler (Vancouver Canucks), Corey Perry (Anaheim), Dustin Brown (Los Angeles Kings) and Marc-Andre Fleury (Pittsburgh Penguins, No. 1) were part of a star-studded first round.

Doug Wilson added this about his stockpile of picks.

“We have the extra second-round picks to jump up if we want,” Wilson said. “If things fall the way they have, we might not need to. If you can get quality and quantity, that’s your ultimate goal. We’re in a really good position for that, and we think next year’s draft is going to be pretty good too. But this year in particular, it factored into the decisions we made prior to the trade deadline. To lose some players and not get really valuable picks in the year of a strong draft would have been a double whammy.”

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It remains to be seen who San Jose will select as their first round pick. Will it be a scoring forward, a defenseman, or a goaltender? As of right now it’s a mystery and something that will keep us guessing until it’s finally revealed on draft day. Last year in Pittsburgh, San Jose selected Tomas Hertl in round one at the 17th overall spot. According to Wilson he firmly believes that Hertl will make a strong push to try and crack the 2013-2014 opening night roster during training camp.

Since being eliminated for this years playoffs against the LA Kings, Doug Wilson has been busy with his preparations to this Sundays draft.  Furthermore, he also has been fielding several calls from fellow general managers in a attempt to acquire some of San Jose’s high round draft picks.

Below is the official draft order by round.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1. Colorado 31. Florida 62. Phoenix (from Fla.-NYR-SJ)
2. Florida 32. Colorado 63. Colorado
3. Tampa Bay 33. Tampa Bay 64. Nashville (from TB)
4. Nashville 34. Montreal (from Nsh.) 65. NY Rangers (from Nsh.)
5. Carolina 35. Carolina 66. Carolina
6. Calgary 36. Montreal (from Cgy.) 67. Calgary
7. Edmonton 37. Edmonton 68. Dallas (from Edm.)
8. Buffalo 38. Buffalo 69. Buffalo
9. New Jersey 39. New Jersey 70. Minnesota (from NJ)
10. Dallas 40. Dallas 71. Montreal (from Dal.)
11. Philadelphia 41. Philadelphia 72. Philadelphia
12. Phoenix 42. Phoenix 73. Phoenix
13. Winnipeg 43. Winnipeg 74. Winnipeg
14. Columbus 44. Columbus 75. NY Rangers (from CBJ)
15. NY Islanders 45. Anaheim (from NYI) 76. NY Islanders
16. Buffalo (from Min.) 46. Minnesota 77. Pittsburgh (from Min-Phi-Dal)
17. Ottawa 47. St. Louis (from Ott.) 78. Ottawa
18. Detroit 48. Detroit 79. Detroit
19. Columbus (from NYR) 49. San Jose (from NYR) 80. NY Rangers
20. San Jose 50. San Jose 81. Minnesota (from SJ)
21. Toronto 51. Toronto 82. Toronto
22. Calgary (from StL) 52. Buffalo (from StL) 83. St. Louis
23. Washington 53. Washington 84. Washington
24. Vancouver 54. Dallas (from Van.) 85. Vancouver
25. Montreal 55. Montreal 86. Montreal
26. Anaheim 56. Edmonton (from Ana.) 87. Anaheim
27. Columbus (from LA) 57. Los Angeles 88. Los Angeles
28. Calgary (from Pit.) 58. San Jose (from Pit.) 89. Pittsburgh
29. Dallas (from Bos.) 59. Winnipeg 90. Boston
30. Chicago 60. Boston 91. Winnipeg (from Chi.)
61. Winnipeg (from Chi.)
Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
92. Florida 122. Florida 152. Florida
93. Colorado 123. Colorado 153. Colorado
94. St. Louis (from TB) 124. Tampa Bay 154. Tampa Bay
95. Nashville 125. Nashville 155. Nashville
96. Los Angeles (from Car.) 126. Carolina 156. Carolina
97. Florida (from Cgy.) 127. Washington (from Cgy.) 157. Calgary
98. Florida (from Edm.) 128. Edmonton 158. Edmonton
99. Nashville (from Buf.) 129. Buffalo 159. Buffalo
100. New Jersey 130. Buffalo (from NJ-LA-Fla.) 160. New Jersey
101. Dallas 131. Dallas 161. Ottawa (from Dal.)
102. Ottawa (from Phi.-TB) 132. Philadelphia 162. Philadelphia
103. Los Angeles (from Phx-CBJ-Phi.) 133. Phoenix 163. Phoenix
104. Winnipeg 134. Winnipeg 164. Pittsburgh (from Wpg.)
105. Columbus 135. Calgary (from CBJ) 165. Columbus
106. NY Islanders 136. NY Islanders 166. NY Islanders
107. Minnesota 137. Minnesota 167. Minnesota
108. Ottawa 138. Ottawa 168. Ottawa
109. Detroit 139. Detroit 169. Detroit
110. NY Rangers 140. Nashville (from NYR) 170. NY Rangers
111. San Jose 141. San Jose 171. Nashville (from SJ)
112. Nashville (from Tor.) 142. Toronto 172. Toronto
113. St. Louis 143. Buffalo (from StL) 173. St. Louis
114. Washington 144. Washington 174. Washington
115. Vancouver 145. Vancouver 175. Vancouver
116. Montreal 146. Los Angeles (from Mtl.) 176. Montreal
117. Toronto (from Ana.) 147. Anaheim 177. Anaheim
118. Los Angeles 148. Los Angeles 178. Los Angeles
119. Pittsburgh 149. Dallas (from Pit.) 179. Pittsburgh
120. Boston 150. Boston 180. Boston
121. Chicago 151. Chicago 181. Chicago
Round 7
182. Dallas (from Fla.)
183. Colorado
184. Tampa Bay
185. Nashville
186. Tampa Bay (from Car.)
187. Calgary
188. Edmonton
189. Buffalo
190. Winnipeg (from NJ)
191. Los Angeles (from Dal.)
192. Philadelphia
193. Phoenix
194. Winnipeg
195. Columbus
196. NY Islanders
197. Minnesota
198. Calgary (from Ott.-Chi.)
199. Detroit
200. Minnesota (from NYR)
201. San Jose
202. Toronto
203. St. Louis
204. Washington
205. Vancouver
206. Montreal
207. San Jose (from Ana.-Col.)
208. Los Angeles
209. Pittsburgh
210. Boston
211. Chicago


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