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San Jose Sharks: Week 2 NHL Power Rankings Roundup

The San Jose Sharks are three games into their season, and most websites have two weeks worth of NHL power rankings published and out there for you to enjoy. Let’s say that you don’t have an hour to go around reading every edition of every power ranking that pops up when you Google it though.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve rounded up several different power rankings and will illustrate where each publication has the boys in teal ranked on a weekly basis.


The Outlet: CBSSports.com
The Rank: No. 2
The Outlook: CBS was actually more bullish with the Sharks than any other major online resource after the squad started 2-0. The destruction of the New York Rangers wasn’t included in these rankings, which leads us to believe that maybe (just maybe) San Jose will climb to the top of the totem pole once they do their week three list.


The Outlet: ESPN.com
The Rank: No. 6
The Outlook: The folks over at ESPN must have seen something that they didn’t like from the Sharks through two games. Despite the team outscoring the opposition 8-2 and outshouting them 86-45, ESPN saw fit to actually drop San Jose a spot in the rankings. In favor of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

We’ll wait for you to stop laughing… got it all out of your system yet? OK, good.


The Outlet: BleacherReport.com
The Rank: No. 6
The Outlook: Unlike ESPN, B/R at least bumped San Jose up a few spots after a strong showing in week one. Jonathan Willis (he of Hockey Prospectus fame) gives credit where credit is due, but also notes that the Sharks have a recent history of starting hot and tapering off rapidly. It will be interesting to see if they get a boost into the top-five after the white washing of the Rangers.


The Outlet: FanSided.com (Blackhawk Up)
The Rank: No. 9
The Outlook: There’s just no impressing some folks, eh? After dominating through the first two games of the regular season, San Jose still (somehow) took a backseat to the 1-1 Montreal Canadiens in these particular rankings. Keep an eye out for the adjustment once the week three rankings drop.


The Outlet: FanRag.com (or, a shameless plug for another site I write for)
The Rank: No. 5
The Outlook: Unlike several other sites, the Sharks actually moved up in these rankings, jumping from No. 8 to No. 5. Perhaps it’s just because the folks out on the east coast hadn’t had the proper chance to watch San Jose yet, but there’s really no reason for them not to be a top-five team right now.


Weekly Average: No. 5.6

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