San Jose Sharks: Grades for forwards to start the 2013-14 NHL season

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The San Jose Sharks are six games into the season, and maybe it’s a little early to hand out grades on the performances of Joe Thornton, Tomas Hertl and the rest of the Sharks as individuals. It wasn’t too long ago that yours truly was in college though, and I distinctly remember there being a glut of tests between the second and third week of classes.

Professors were quick to try to weed out the slackers. It isn’t likely that we’ll find any of those on San Jose’s roster at this juncture though. Not after a 6-0 start that has seen the offense fill the nets like no other team in the NHL.

The Sharks are averaging five goals per game, are shooting an average of 41 times a game and have the power play clicking at 26%. Not too shabby considering it started off the season 0-8 on the man advantage.

While the boys in teal have been incredible as a unit, we wanted to take a few minutes to examine what each player is doing well or needs to improve moving forward. There haven’t been many  mistakes yet, so don’t expect the red ink to come out too often though.

Being negative just for the sake for being negative always comes across as silly… right, professors?

All statistics appear courtesy of San Jose’s official website unless otherwise noted.

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