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Getting to know the newest San Jose Shark, Mike Brown

The San Jose Sharks got considerably tougher late Monday night as they swung a deal with the Edmonton Oilers to acquire bruising forward Mike Brown.

Brown is not known for his offensive abilities. He may not actually have offensive abilities and might as well head out onto the ice without a stick most of the time. He’s a heck of a fighter though and is among the NHL’s toughest customers.

So don’t tell him we said that stuff about the stick.

It’s clear that the Sharks were looking to add some toughness moving forward. Several guys have stepped up and fought this season, but none of them are there to throw their fists. Matt Pelech was probably the best fighter on the team, and they saw fit to change that by swapping a fourth-round pick for Brown. Who just so happens to have an incredible right hand.

Aside from his jabs, Brent Burns now has competition for the best facial hair on the team. Tough draw for Burnsie. He only missed one game, and the Sharks don’t score a goal so they respond by upping the adult film star mustache quotient.

Here are some notable Brown clips before you head to bed for the evening.


He’s so scary.

Yeah. He’ll fit in nicely.

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  • Russell Barnett

    Anyone who beats the crap out of Tootoo can’t be all bad. Seems like the second coming of Scott Parker from the description

    • Franklin Steele

      He’s a bad, bad man Russel. Edmonton just dealt for him, so it’s odd he’s on the move again. I’m sure he’s pretty happy to be on the move though. Quite the upgrade.

  • Gabriel

    After Hertl got his head rammed into the boards against Calgary, I am not surprised Doug had to go get a guy like this. The team needed this.

    • Franklin Steele

      Agreed. Between the players that are going down to injury and needing the depth anyway and the clear need for someone to protect that top-six.. yeah, I like the move.

  • Tim

    We already have Torres, do we really need another goon?

    • Franklin Steele

      Torres is going to be out for a while. Like Gabriel said above, it seems like management was sick of seeing the players just taking shots in the head game after game.

    • SR

      Torres also isn’t a goon. He plays hard and hits hard, but is in no way there just to fight.
      Brown is one mean boy and from what I understand a great team player, and well liked among teammates.