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San Jose Sharks robbed of victory as no one notices their OT goal

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The San Jose Sharks were denied victory in overtime after the referees and the “war room” in Toronto somehow managed to miss the fact that a goal was scored. As full speed, the incident is tough to judge to be sure, but the folks in the war room are supposed to be reviewing every close call.

San Jose’s shot wasn’t a close call though. It was a goal, and it should have counted. Have a look for yourself.

Screenshot (1)The puck is right there behind Ryan Miller’s right pad. Tyler Myers is sliding across to kick the puck out of the net before the referee (who is behind him) can skate up to notice a goal had been scored and that the game was over.

While no one can fault the refs for missing the slick action by Myers, there’s no excuse for the folks in Toronto to have missed that. Every possible angle showed that the puck crossed the line and that there should have been no shootout.

If the Sharks were running away with the division, it wouldn’t be a big deal. This is a big loss to a San Jose team that is in a dogfight for the Pacific lead right now though, and this loss is devastating. There’s no reason to have a war room if they can’t prevent simple things like this from happening.

Hell, there’s really no reason to have cameras at all if they’re going to blow good goals like this.

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