San Jose Sharks betting

We are still in the early stages of the 2013/14 NHL season, which started at the beginning of October, but a lot of people who like to gamble on the teams they think can win the divisions, conferences or the Stanley Cup will already have placed those bets. Outright ice hockey betting is all about choosing a team to wager on well in advance, but for those who have still to gamble, the San Jose Sharks are one of the teams that bookmakers have made favorites to do well this season. They have low odds for the Pacific Division, Western Conference and the Stanley Cup, so should you bet on them?

Well they are certainly nicely placed in their conference just now, sitting in third place, just a point behind the Chicago Blackhawks. This is reflected in their odds of 5/1, but they would also be a perfectly reasonable bet for the Stanley Cup – where you can get odds of 10/1 on them to go all the way this season. Obviously betting on them for that is more of a risk, due to the knockout format of that competition, but overall the San Jose Sharks are one of the safer NHL gambles you can make. However not every punter wants to bet on the safer options, as the money won is generally less that way, so for those people another team, or an ice hockey slot game, will be much more attractive.

Especially now that games like Break Away, an ice hockey slot with five reels and an impressive 243 pay lines, can be played on your phone from and other mobile casino websites. This means you no longer have to be tied to the home, and a computer, to be able to compete for a jackpot like the $500 offered by this particular game. This is one reason why greater numbers of sports fans are embracing games like these, but another is the sheer quality of the games themselves – with Break Away offering ultra-realistic graphics on the reels, to capture the bone-crunching excitement of an NHL encounter.

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