Why Owen Nolan Still Rules


Anybody remember this guy?

This particular player hasn’t been in town for over eight years, but you can still get a smile out of any San Jose Sharks fan by just mentioning his name—Owen Nolan.

The preceding vintage clip was from the 1997-1998 Playoffs against the Dallas Stars and shows Owen Nolan winning over the entire Tank Faithful and with an expert rendition of how exactly to run a goalie.

The victim in this case was former Shark, and absolute headcase, Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour. “Headcase” might not be the best word—what do you call a guy busted for assault who offers the arresting officers $1 billion dollars to let him go?

Misunderstood genius perhaps?

In any event, Belfour had signed with the Sharks the year previous after the Chicago Blackhawks let him walk, and promptly rewarded the San Jose fans by totally mailing it in for half a season, before bolting to the arch rival Dallas Stars—usually not the best way to endear oneself.

The Stars had our number that year, of course, that was way back when Tyson was biting ears and Tiger Woods seemed bemused by the simplicity of golf.  Now Tyson has a creepy face tattoo, Tiger sucks at golf and we don’t fear the Dallas Stars anymore.

As of right now, the San Jose Sharks sit third in the Western Conference standings, one point back of Detroit while the Dallas Stars find themselves scrambling for playoff scraps at four points out of the eighth spot.

That said, these teams could still face each other in the playoffs, so Thursday night will still have plenty of meaning for the San Jose Sharks. Winners of five of their last six, the Sharks begin their final regular season romp though the Pacific Division against the Stars, and will look to humiliate Dallas in a blowout.

Or, at least I will be looking for that to happen.

Screw you Ott, you rat b******.


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