Sharks NHL 12 Intro + Leafs/Sens Third Jerseys Mistakenly Leaked

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A few weeks back I wrote an article that discussed how some of the “new” features in NHL 12 were actually not that new at all. Check it out here. I still maintain that the producers of NHL 12 should not have called some of those features “brand new” but rather “improved” (e.g., goalie fighting was around in NHL 2004). Anyways, here we are with NHL 12. This year the team at EA Canada has included authentic team entrances to the ice. As anticipated, the giant shark mouth that our San Jose Sharks come out of is included in the game. Here is a clip of that:



It’s pretty neat and we are certainly getting closer to the real thing. Remember this classic NES game’s intro?



Hit the jump to read about the Sharks original 1991 jerseys are not in the new NHL games and about how the Senators and Leafs had their third jerseys mistakenly outed.

About the Sharks Original Jerseys Not Being In the Game

I tried contacting some people at EA Sports on Twitter. I tried contacting the lead producer, Sean Ramjagsingh and some PR people but to avail. I was able to chat with one of the EA Sports Forum moderators named oilerguru. When I asked him why the Sharks’ original jerseys were not included in the game, his answer was that it was due to licensing issues. But after chatting with him he said that he would add the Sharks original jerseys to his NHL 13 Wishlist. Oilerguru is a constant presence in the EA NHL forums and if this is on his radar, then perhaps we could see those original teal jerseys next year! Here’s hoping!

Sens and Leafs Third Jerseys Mistakenly Leaked

Talk about a mix-up! The new third jerseys for the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs were shipped to the Buffalo Sabres team store and were PUT ON THE RACK to buy already! A fan spotted them and snapped some pics. Both the Sens and Leafs confirmed that these jerseys were legit. Talk about stealing one’s marketing thunder, eh? What do you think of these new uniforms?

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