The Rick Nash Sweepstakes


While many have speculated Rick Nash will end up in San Jose and how great for the team that would be, I’m just not buying it and here is why. There is no doubt Rick Nash is a phenomenally talented hockey player. He’s been the top scorer in Columbus since forever and has some seriously elite level skill without a question. However I think what San Jose would give up in exchange is too great.

It is almost certain that Pavelski, Clowe, or Couture would be required as part of any deal for Nash (largely because Wilson has traded away all of the other top forward prospects in Woostah). And that wouldn’t even be the end of the deal as a 2nd or even a 3rd skater may be a part of the deal along with a pick or two. And it’s not that Nash doesn’t covet such a trade, but I think if the Sharks trade away so much of their depth they don’t stand a chance to do much damage in the playoffs. And I also predict that depending on the specific players involved, the Sharks wouldn’t even win 40 games.

If you look at Chicago the year after they won the Cup, what did they do? They traded their 3rd and 4th liners and barely made the playoffs and were a blip on the radar once they got there. And look at teams like LA, Phoenix, St Louis, and New Jersey this year. Yea there are a few big name guys there, but what makes them so difficult to play against is the 3rd and 4th line players that strengthen and enhance everything the top 2 lines do. Plus their team defence is stupid good and very hard working. And then there’s the goaltending which I won’t even get in to. We all know where that’s going.

So ultimately I think the Sharks would be best to stay out of the Nash sweepstakes and try to build more from within. Because the new NHL is a lot about home grown talent and a top to bottom blue collar work ethic than it is about a few big name players dominating. And ultimately, Rick Nash is not the answer to the Sharks equation.

~ Bleeding Teal

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