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I’m sure that for most Sharks fans, the best way to watch a game is to be in the building.  But when that’s not possible, everyone has their preferred locale: a rowdy sports bar, a friend’s house, a themed restaurant.  In an effort to let our readers get to know us better (and make it easier to stalk us) I asked the staff this question:

Where is your favorite place outside the Tank to watch a Sharks game?

Stanley’s at Sharks Ice in San Jose is easily my favourite place followed by TGI Fridays in Cupertino. Of course, watching at home/a friends house with a large group of people is totally acceptable as well.

I’d have to say with a bunch of friends, wherever.  When the playoffs are on (and we go longer than five games in a postseason) it’s my place all Sharked out and try to make it like a Sharks game.  Good times, good snacks and drinks, great atmosphere!

When I’m at home, It’s Centre Ice. Otherwise, any decent self respecting sports venue that serves Philly cheesesteak, pizza, hot wings, and beer (preferably Molson or LaBatts)…

So not Staples Center, then. Best place I’ve been from a layout, concessions and fan knowledge standpoint has to be the Xcel Center in Minnesota. Worst is easily the old Miami Arena.

Stubby’s Sports Bar in Gilroy has the perfect atmosphere for me.  Discarded peanut casings all over the floor, huge beers, a fun staff and best of all $2 Sharkie shooters when the Sharks score!  The food isnt the best, but it serves it purpose.
Other than that I’d have to take the Garret or Hooters in Campbell.  And yes, Hooters because I like the wings.

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