Kings Fans In San Jose?


What is it with so many Sharks fans suddenly rooting for the Kings? Have all of you forgotten about team loyalty? During the season we hate the Kings, but in the Cup Finals we root for them? Seriously?! I personally find this offensive on a number of levels. Obviously there is the natural NorCal/SoCal rivalry from pretty much every sport. So it only makes sense that we hate them and they hate us. Appreciation for the quality of game the Kings are playing is understandable. But I know several people who are die hard Sharks fans who are rooting for the Kings, and it’s truly sad. Is this because fantasy sports have become prevalent in sports society today that we no longer have teams per say, just players we like? Maybe so, but I doubt it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t root for various players we like, or we shouldn’t have alternate teams we root for. But when you are suddenly cheering for a team you otherwise hate, it feels dishonest. Like a betrayal to your team, and your fellow fans. And it is disheartening to see so many Sharks fans suddenly jump on the Kings bandwagon.

~ BleedingTeal

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