Brent Burns: The Best Of The Bearded Beauty’s All-Star Weekend

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 28: Brent Burns
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 28: Brent Burns /

Brent Burns is an icon in hockey and he never disappoints when the camera is around.

Such was the case at another All-Star weekend for Brent Burns, owner of the greatest beard in hockey.

Here are the best clips/images of the San Jose Sharks defender from the 2018 ASG weekend in Tampa, FL.

Brent Burns Gets Boeser’s Autograph

My guess is Boeser immediately texted 88 friends to tell them what happened.

Life Is Constantly Fun For Burnzie

Does this guy love what he does or what?

Honesty Is the Best Policy

“He’s learnin’ new words that aren’t great with the moms at home.” Fantastic. I bet that kid had more fun than his dad, and that’s saying something.

Post-Game Seriousness, Kind Of

“A new wildebeest” he says. New. At least it’s a creative way to spend money.

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Alright, let’s pause for a minute and imagine a post-career world where Brent Burns and PK Subban are commentators for every single game. How fantastic would that be?

Hats, suits, beards, some teeth and personality that is rivaled by no other in the game of hockey.

Here’s hoping that Brent Burns makes every single All-Star game until he retires. He’s more entertaining than the ASG weekend itself. Congrats on another great weekend, Burnzie.