San Jose Sharks: Thoughts On Rick Nash Trade Rumors

SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 25: Aaron Dell
SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 25: Aaron Dell /

The San Jose Sharks and Rick Nash will likely be linked until a deal is done that removes Nash from the New York Rangers.

That’s the nature of the beast. The San Jose Sharks won’t be able to avoid it – actual interest or not. Several people are linking Nash as a fit for San Jose.

What’s set in stone is that Rick Nash has been asked to submit his list. It’s highly probable that he gets dealt. There isn’t a real scenario that people are imagining where he remains a Ranger this year.

It might not last long, though. Nash is starting to look like a pure rental that just wants to go home once all is said and done.

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“Rick Nash has a place in New York. The Rangers like him. Obviously, as he said, his son likes being in New York. I think the biggest question is going to be does he go back next season.” (Elliotte Friedman – transcribed by FanRag Sports)

You aren’t going to acquire Rick Nash for pennies on the dollar – Peter Chiarelli is in Edmonton. This trade, for any team, is a commitment to a player based on a teams position as Stanley Cup contender.

Is Nash worth it?

At this point, are the Sharks a Rick Nash away from the Stanley Cup? That’s the question you need to definitively answer if you’re going to start considering throwing first round picks out the window.

I don’t think Nash is the player that’s going to put them over the edge, but he certainly isn’t going to hurt the team.

Nash’s underlying numbers are similar to Josh Leivo this year, though there’s a noticeable gap in playing time. He’s going to produce at 5v5 and it doesn’t seem like he’ll hinder possession. That’s enough to acquire him before cost is entered.

The cost is where the Sharks need to take a pass on Rick Nash. He’s not staying in San Jose. He just isn’t. So, you’re looking at a first round pick for a player you know you’ll never see again and isn’t putting you over the edge.

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It seems like a pretty easy call to me, even if he is close with Joe Thornton. Friendship, grit, heart and other things are nice to talk about while a team is losing and you’re looking for a positive. Surface and underlying statistics speak more towards wins.

The best course of action for the San Jose Sharks might be to find similar player production for cheaper and leave assets to go after a bigger fish in the winger pond.