Could the Sharks pursue Mike Hoffman?

With a small amount of cap space still available, San Jose should consider pursuing a deal with Hoffman on a one-year term.

Theirs a limited realm of realistic options that the Sharks have this off-season. But one move they can still make is signing a veteran to a one-year two million dollar term with their remaining cap space.

Perhaps that veteran could be free agent Mike Hoffman, who most recently played with the Florida Panthers.

As a late bloomer in the NHL, Hoffman, who is 31-years of age, is playing some of the best hockey of his career. He provides consistency to the teams that he plays for, posting at least 45 points every season. That level of production is something the Sharks desperately need going into next season.

Hoffman looked great in the Toronto bubble, scoring three goals in the four games that Florida played.

With Team Teal, he has already established himself as a cult classic after being with the team for exactly three hours.

On June 19th, 2018, the Sharks traded away Mikkel Boedker, Julius Bergman, and a 2020 sixth-round pick to the Ottawa Senators. In return, the team acquired Hoffman, Cody Donaghey, and a 2020 fifth-round pick.

The team then immediately moved Hoffman and a 2018 seventh-round pick to Florida. San Jose received the Panthers’ 2018 fourth- and fifth-round pick and their 2019 second-round pick.

Part of the reason why the Senators moved Mike Hoffman in the first place is drama pertaining to both himself and Erik Karlsson.

Allegedly, Hoffman’s then-fiancé now-wife, Monika Caryk, was accused of harassing Melinda Karlsson on social media.

Some of the things Caryk was accused of saying to Karlsson included wishing her husband would sustain a career-ending injury and wishing for the death of their unborn child.

Making statements about her pregnancy was particularly painful due to her history of miscarriages. In response, Caryk accused Karlsson of false accusations and took it to court.

Ultimately no charges were pressed, but the damage was clearly done. With that in mind, the drama creates a giant wall for a potential Hoffman move.

However, both Karlsson and the free-agent have respect for and played under coach Bob Boughner. In the hypothetical event that he ended up in San Jose, the Sharks coach would play an integral role in easing tensions.

But looking at this move purely from a hockey perspective, it would make sense. He would provide much-needed offense to a very thin Team Teal roster.

Last season, Hoffman accounted for 29 goals and 30 assists, a stat line that does not seem terribly impressive at first glance.

To put it in perspective, if he were on the Sharks roster, he would be first on the team in points and goals, as well as third in assists.

Between the drama with Erik Karlsson, San Jose’s trajectory, and the suitors that Hoffman has, the move seems rather unlikely.

That does not mean that Team Teal should not at least make an effort to pursue him if they intend to be a competitive team.

However, the most likely outcome is that the team makes no significant acquisitions from this point on.