Red hot Couture provides a much needed boost

In the last three games, Captain Logan Couture has accounted for three goals and one assist.

After a nail-biter against St. Louis that almost saw the Sharks blowing a 4-1 lead, Couture made all the difference in lifting the team over the top to victory.

But the captain’s outreach expands well beyond that mark. In five of the seven total wins San Jose has experienced this season, he has logged at least one point.

One could easily argue that a Sharks win is oftentimes dependent on him showing up on the stat sheet.

In his most recent post-game interview, he made it very clear what his long-term goals are going forward.

“I’m counted to score goals and produce offensively. So every night I wanna score goals,” Couture said. “We scored five goals tonight but [overall] we’ve had a tough time scoring goals.”

The team’s road ahead is clearly going to be difficult, and he recognizes that the team will have to adapt if they want to make a mid-season playoff push.

“This is a very difficult stretch of our schedule. We play nine of the next thirteen against Vegas, St. Louis, and Colorado,” Couture said. “Very very big games coming up against some good teams, teams that are probably going to finish near the top of our division.”

He expressed the confidence that has built this team up thanks to the most recent stretch in Missouri.

“When I look back that first game here it still stings,” Couture said. “But I’m really happy with the way we battled [in the second game]. We obviously gave up four goals but we fought in the third and found a way.”

As the Blues consistently found the net in the second period, he remained cool and collected on the ice.

“Just stay calm is what was going through my mind,” Couture said. “We’ve been in this situation before. It’s something we need to fix going forward but we’re still in a good spot.”

Couture feels that the team showed significant growth thanks to how they handled that second period.

“It’s fun to watch some of our younger players get thrown into situations where they’ve never been,” Couture said. “They’re such good players at a young age. They wanna learn and they wanna get better.”

With all this positivity in mind, he recognizes where the group stands compared to the rest of the league.

“I think we know as a group of forwards that we aren’t on the top-end of skill,” Couture said. “If you go around the league we’re going to have to work harder for our offense. A good way for us to create more offense is to be more physical on the forecheck, and finish checks.

Overall the team win over the Blues is only going to boost morale. But as they look ahead to the Minnesota Wild tonight, the road ahead will not be easy. However, if Logan Couture continues to play the way he did on Saturday on a semi-regular basis, there is some reason for cautious optimism.