San Jose Sharks draft Nate Misskey to continue bolstering the futue Blueline

Victoria Royals v Kelowna Rockets
Victoria Royals v Kelowna Rockets / Marissa Baecker/GettyImages

Nate Misskey was another defenseman the Sharks opted to grab in the 2024 NHL entry draft as the Victoria Royals defenseman joined the Sharks prospect pipeline. Knowing that the Sharks had already drafted many defensemen to this point anyway, it's hard not to like the selection. This was a projected late third-rounder that the Sharks were able to nab in the fifth. This is an acceptable value, and Mike Grier continues to have a great draft.

At 6'3, 200 lbs, this large man can continue to crush opponents. Adding to their blueline has been a theme for the Sharks this year. It seems they will continue going down this path. If it works, the Sharks can continue to build on this. Knowing that the defensive core has been well and truly added to with the Sharks' vigorous approach, this is just a shot in the dark to see if he becomes anything.

Misskey didn't score a ton in the WHL, scoring seven goals and 27 assists for 34 points in 44 games, but as a defenseman who wasn't playing major minutes, this is a fine shot to see if he becomes. It's a free shot to see if Misskey can become a valuable prospect. There was no disrespect to the player, but he wasn't lighting up the WHL. If he can start doing that, he could be a game-changer.

San Jose's defensive needs mean Misskey will probably get to the AHL sooner than most. There's a lack of good defensemen, so all Misskey has to do is be good on his own end, and he's probably getting himself a shot at the AHL at the very least. Knowing that there is no pressure on this player, there's a chance he could be an NHLer, and this draft class could be a major success for the Sharks.