San Jose Sharks get a point but grow gap at the bottom of standings in OT Loss to Blackhawks

Jan 16, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; San Jose Sharks right wing Scott Sabourin (49) and Chicago
Jan 16, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; San Jose Sharks right wing Scott Sabourin (49) and Chicago / Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

If you want the San Jose Sharks to be the organization drafting Macklin Celebrini in the summer, this game will help you sleep well tonight. If you want to see the Sharks climb the standings, this game will ease some nerve tonight. This was a very good performance by the San Jose Sharks, but Petr Mrazek just won the goalie duel against Mackenzie Blackwood, as the Sharks prove to be more futile than their opponent.

It didn't start on the right foot as Cole Guttman was able to get a lucky bounce off the shaft of his stick allowed Chicago to take the lead and hold it for the majority of the game. It wasn't sensational defense from the Sharks, but at this point, asking for the Sharks defense to better than they are is like trying to control the weather. It'll get better in time, but this season just isn't one to be asking for improvement in areas like that.

San Jose would tie the game up very late when Ryan Carpenter haunted his former team.In the building he used to call home, set up by Mike Hoffman and Justin Bailey, Carpenter was able to tie the game up with less than 15 minutes to go in the game, and it was going to be a nervy finish as the Sharks had been the dominant team for long periods of this game. It was only because of Mrazek this game was close.

In the shootout, Boris Kachouk proved to strike the fatal blow as Filip Zadina couldn't answer, and the Blackhawks take the two points while giving the Sharks a loser point. It was possibly the worst scenario for the Sharks. Now, closer to loosing the best chances at the first overall pick, the Sharks have one win in thier last sixteen. It's been way too long for the Sharks.