Three bad contracts the San Jose Sharks could take on for future assets

Nov 25, 2023; San Jose, California, USA; Vancouver Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers (57) grabs San
Nov 25, 2023; San Jose, California, USA; Vancouver Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers (57) grabs San / Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports
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Tyler Myers

The shock team of the year so far this season is the Vancouver Canucks. Sitting top of the standings on Christmas day, the Canucks have been able to find success in a season where expectations were low before the start of the year. They started winning and found production from their high-end talent, and that can be enough sometimes to make you competitive.

Now, the Canucks are far from the fiished article. They have a glaring issue among their defensive ranks. They've tried to address it over the years, but the signings they have made have been probmeatic. One such attempt was former Calder Trophy winner for rookie of the year, Tyler Myers. Myers has not been able to fill the hole the Canucks were asking him to in British Colombia, so perhaps he could be moved to open the door for other players.

Myers is in a weird situation. He makes $6 million against the cap, but he's only owed $1 million in real money. It makes it a situation where the Sharks could very easily take the contract, eat half of it, and flip it again if someone wants a physical defensive defenseman for a playoff run. His contract is up at the end of the year too, so this isn't a lasting financial commitment from the Sharks.

If they could get a 2024 second-round pick for eating this deal, that would be good asset management. Acquiring bad deals for future assets will always be a good move for the San Jose Sharks during this rebuild. Cap dumps are a great way to bolster a prospect pool without losing what you have to offer. Perhaps that is the way the Sharks need to go to make the future brighter for this organization.