Three members of the San Jose Barracuda that should get an NHL call up this season

The San Jose Barracuda have not had a good season and are struggling in the AHL. Here are three Cuda players that deserve an NHL call up.
Kole Lind, 16, scores for the Coachella Valley Firebirds during their game against the San Jose
Kole Lind, 16, scores for the Coachella Valley Firebirds during their game against the San Jose / Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun / USA TODAY
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With the hockey season ticking towards its conclusion, it is close to ending at every level of the sport. San Jose's NHL and AHL seasons have both been forgettable. While the Sharks sit bottom of the NHL standings, the Barracuda sits at the bottom of its division in the league below. With only a portion of the organization having much to play for, we're into the time of year when the Sharks should be experimenting.

By this, the Sharks should be looking at the Barracuda and trying to find someone who can fill the gaps that are opening on this roster. We know the Sharks have nothing to lose with the players they use this year because they cannot get worse. So, are there any members of the AHL franchise who should be looked at the NHL level so we can see what is down there?

For me, there are a few. San Jose's injury issues have already opened the door for players like Shakir Mukhamadullin, Henry Thrun, Thomas Bordeleau, and Ryan Carpenter, who have all been summoned from their stay with the Cuda. All three have had success with the big club, so are there others with the Barracuda that should be called upon to have a shot at the show before this season peters out and the Sharks prepare for the draft?

Well, there are always people who will be unhappy with an organization's decisions. If they do call for some of the kids in the minors, they will be exposed to the loss that this Sharks roster is being forced to endure. If they don't call for these talented youngsters, fans will be unhappy with the decision not to give shots at this roster to those who deserve it. You cannot please everyone, but here are a few I think deserve a chance.