Three members of the San Jose Barracuda that should get an NHL call up this season

The San Jose Barracuda have not had a good season and are struggling in the AHL. Here are three Cuda players that deserve an NHL call up.
Kole Lind, 16, scores for the Coachella Valley Firebirds during their game against the San Jose
Kole Lind, 16, scores for the Coachella Valley Firebirds during their game against the San Jose / Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun / USA TODAY
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Nathan Todd

I will not lie; I'm including Nathan Todd because I love those fairytale stories I talked about with Weisblastt, but Todd deserves some consideration from the organization. At 28, he's a minor league veteran. Having played with the Springfield Thunderbirds, Manitoba Mouse, and the Belleville Senators before joining the Barracuda, he's served his time in the minors looking for a way to get into the NHL. It is the kind of season where he deserves a look.

With the Barracuda, Todd tallied 17 goals and 31 assists for 48 points in 61 games. He's shown that he can dominate in a minor league. The Kemptville, Ontario native has bounced around minor league systems since the conclusion of his OHL career with the Ottawa 67s so many years ago. Three years ago, an offensive outburst in the minors with the Winnipeg Jets farm team earned him some looks from the Seattle Thunderbirds, the AHL affiliate of the St Louis Blues.

Now, he's showing himself to be a great veteran for the Barracuda and maintaining the offense he flashed as a Moose. With the Sharks needing some additional depth scoring, could it be worth calling up Todd to give him a taste of the NHL in the remainder of the season since there is nothing left for the Sharks to play for? A true professional could also be good for the youth on the roster.

Given his age, the losses that the Sharks are likely to continue enduring will not affect him the way someone younger would be affected. What Sharks fan still watching this team endure the bashings it is getting wouldn't love to see a minor league player get a shot at the NHL and see if there is anything in this player that the Sharks found in free agency.