Three Potential Trade Destinations for San Jose Sharks forward Mikael Granlund

Nov 25, 2023; San Jose, California, USA; San Jose Sharks center Mikael Granlund (64) and left wing
Nov 25, 2023; San Jose, California, USA; San Jose Sharks center Mikael Granlund (64) and left wing / Robert Edwards-USA TODAY Sports
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Mikael Granlund is on fire right now in the NHL. The Finnish forward is producing at a rate we have not seen since he was a member of the Minnesota Wild, and the Sharks are preparing to ride Granlund as much as they can to get everything out of him before moving him at the trade deadline. That is assuming that there is no agreement with Granlund to extend his contract in San Jose. He's been an excellent San Jose Shark, so perhaps he will have some interest in remaining in the Bay Area.

Granlund's red hot scoring pace could allow the Sharks to demand a kings ransom for the Finn. He's been playing incredibly well for the Sharks during this recent hot streak, so asking for the sun and stars in exchange for Mikael Granlund is more than justified. If the Sharks are able to get that, the Erik Karlsson deal will look even better than it does now, knowing the organization got out from under the bulk of that deal.

Granlund's currently sitting on 19 points made up of three goals and 16 assists on the season. That's not a lot of goal scoring, but that point total on a team that has struggled as much offensively as the San Hose Sharks have will draw interest from around the National Hockey League. He'd be a welcome addition to almost any team that is trying to bolster its scoring before embarking on a deep run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

What could the Sharks net for Granlund? Well, that depends. Last deadline, the Pittsburgh Penguins moved a second-round pick to acquire this player from the Nashville Predators, so we know that he will have a market. There is a slight problem trying to use Granlund last year as a comparable for himself this year. For one, he doesn't have the extra year on his deal. Secondly, he's producing at a much better rate this year. Perhaps even asking for more is justifiable. So where could he end up?