What to expect from the San Jose Sharks as the injury troubles start to clear up

Jan 20, 2024; San Jose, California, USA; San Jose Sharks center Logan Couture (39) skates with the
Jan 20, 2024; San Jose, California, USA; San Jose Sharks center Logan Couture (39) skates with the / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

We have some great news about the San Jose Sharks. It's been a long time since we were able to say that. Logan Couture finally got into his first game of the season, and led the team to a win over the Anaheim Ducks. Nico Sturm also came back from injury for that game, and the Shars are starting to get a lot of the big players who have missed time back into the lineup.

Players returning will make the team better. Not better to worry about the postseason as the multiple double digit losing streaks have seen to removing almost every chance of that happening this season. Now, with team teal starting to get used to the idea of not being in and around the postseason, they will start to improve. Without Couture, when this team was healthy, it was able to pull off some incredible comebacks. What about now with the captain?

First of all, this sounds like it could ruin the Sharks chances of finishing last and getting the best odds at the first overall pick and selecting whoever they feel would be the best for the organization. It would mean the multiple losing streaks of more than 10 games this season would be for nothing. But, it would mean that we could enjoy seeing the Sharks play with no pressure from now until the end of the season.

We're probably going to see the team start to win some more games. They will not quite trouble the records of the 1974-75 Washington Capitals. Couture will help put the puck in the net, meaning the offensive output from the team should increase too. When the Sharks get back to being fully healthy, the team in teal will improve, and it'll be a lot more fun to talk about this team.