San Jose Sharks: 5 Players To Watch Out For This Week


When considering five players on the San Jose Sharks to watch out for this week, many questions come to mind: Can the goalies continue to play hot in goal? Can Joe Thornton and Patrick continue to dominate and play with fire? Can Logan Couture prove to the franchise that he should have been a assistant captain? And can the young players on the roster show us that they can play at a consistent level? Lets find out!

The goalie combo: Alex Stalock and Antti Niemi. They both had shut outs; impressive shut outs. The Sharks haven’t given up a goal in two games. Can both of these goalies still impress us fans and the NHL? We will find out. I think one of the strengths of this team has to be our goaltenders. Can Alex Stalock get a edge on Antti Niemi? We will find out.

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Mirco Mueller and Chris Tierney– Both of these players are rookies. The first week was excellent for Mueller and Tierney. Can they both impress us this week? Can they both have the same performances as the first two games? I think they will impress us even more here in the coming games.

Patrick Marleau– The first two games have been impressive for Patrick Marleau. But we always expect that from him. He seemed to have more fire to his game and finishing hits and use the amazing speed that he has. I think he will have this fire for this week and frankly, the entire season.

Joe Thornton– The first two games have also been impressive for the former captain of the San Jose Sharks. We, as Shark fans, expect Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau to dominate. But, what we didn’t know, was how he would receive the news of not being the captain anymore. We didn’t know if he was mad or if he would play with fire. And, he has played excellent. Hopefully he continues this way. I’m guessing he will play excellent this week and impress the Eastern viewers.

Logan Couture– Couture has had a mediocre start to the year and has only registered one point so far. I expect him to have a better second week on this road trip. He may even show management that he should have been chosen as an assistant captain and they made a mistake by not doing so.

Ok, that’s more than five, but it couldn’t be helped!