San Jose Sharks: Who Is The Best Enforcer?


Sometimes fights change the momentum of games. Sometimes enforcers can change the momentum of games especially when the Sharks are playing boring and dull hockey. The San Jose Sharks have a few enforcers on their team. I’ll tell you which enforcer is the best and which makes the biggest impact in games with their combined hockey skill and fighting skills.

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John Scott: While Scott has a big body, he doesn’t have a very good hockey IQ. He doesn’t use his size to screen the goaltender and doesn’t have a good shot. However, Scott does make teams worry about his physicality though and is the best at fighting on the team. Most nights, he is a liability on the ice.

Mike Brown: Mike Brown is a very good enforcer. He uses his speed very effectively, makes smart plays and is very physical. But, he does not have good offensive skill at all. He doesn’t have a very good shot and does not score a lot of goals. Finally, Brown can sometimes be a liability on the ice.

Adam Burish: Adam Burish is one of the better enforcer’s and fourth liner’s the Sharks have. Adam Burish has average speed and has a better shot than Brown and Scott. He doesn’t score very often, he likes to annoy players which he does a very good job at.

Andrew Desjardins: Andrew Desjardins is the best enforcer the San Jose Sharks have. He has the speed and he has one of the best shots on the fourth line. Not to mention his tenacity around the net and his above average fighting skills puts him on top as the best enforcer on the Sharks.

While the Sharks have a ton of enforcers, and very good players that like to annoy the opposition, I think Andrew Desjardin is the best enforcer on the team. The Sharks are lucky to have so many physical players that will protect their teammates and know how to contribute on the ice.