Did Doug Wilson Lie To The San Jose Sharks Fanbase?


Do you remember when Doug Wilson said “The younger players will have a bigger role this year”? He also said something along the lines that the San Jose Sharks will use the younger players in the line-up more frequently and that the Veterans will have a lesser role. When Doug Wilson told us this, some fans agreed and some fans disagreed with this notion. But, Doug Wilson told us first hand that the younger players will play a bigger role this year. I would be fine with a 8-7-2 record if the younger players were playing more, but most of the veterans still have the same roles and continue to play with no passion, similar to last year’s playoffs.

So far throughout the beginning of the season, Wilson’s statement has been entirely false.

Younger Players: 

When the season began, the Sharks called up Eriah Hayes, Matt Tennyson, Mirco Mueller, Chris Tierney and Barclay Goodrow. While most of them have played games this year, they haven’t played every game. Eriah Hayes was sent down to Worcester earlier in the year. Tennyson hasn’t played a game and has been sent down as well. Mirco Mueller has been benched after playing a pretty solid last game. Chris Tierney was sent down, when he is clearly a better fit for the Sharks than Adam Burish or John Scott. And Barclay Goodrow has been benched for two straight games.

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Lets not forget the goaltender Antti Niemi in this situation. Niemi is a great goaltender, don’t get me wrong. He’s been the goaltender ever since Evgeni Nabokov has left and has filled that void for now. But, Alex Stalock is the future of the San Jose Sharks. Niemi played five straight games before Alex Stalock had a chance to play. Wasn’t this going to be a goaltender battle where we switch the goaltenders every other game, like Ron Wilson did with Evgeni Nabokov and Vesa Toskala? You don’t help grow a player by sitting him on the bench.

Here is a question for you Doug Wilson, if you aren’t “rebuilding” and not playing the younger guys, why didn’t you try to improve the defense? Anton Volchenkov was available on the market and he only signed a $1 million contract with the Nashville Predators. Why didn’t you try to trade for Nick Leddy or Johnny Boychuck? So far, the brass of the Sharks have lied through their mouths to the fanbase by saying the younger players will have a bigger role; that is except for Mueller.

Right now, you are all talk Doug Wilson. And so are you Todd McLellan, as you backed up everything Wilson stated to the media. All talk and no action for your promises that you made in the offseason.