Owen Nolan Inducted Into San Jose Sports Hall Of Fame


Former San Jose Sharks captain, Owen Nolan, gave a speech on his induction into the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame. There’s no doubt the legendary hockey player deserved the spot, but he also knew that it was an extreme honor.

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He spoke about how difficult his experience was retiring. An excellent point to make. Fans never understand how much losing that play time can mean to a player. Especially to one as good as Nolan. “I sit at home and I watch the San Jose Sharks games. I’ll be in my chair, twitching around and bouncing around. You know, I just want to be there. I want to be part of team again. I want to help them out.”

Nolan proceeded to rave about the Sharks franchise as whole. He even fought back tears while thanking Doug Wilson on letting him retire as a Shark. There’s no doubt his experience and time with the league was the best times of his life.

And of course it wouldn’t be a speech from Nolan if he didn’t thank all Sharks fans. He encouraged us to “continue to bring it”. This is what everyone should be saying to themselves. The team isn’t performing it’s best at the moment, but with fans support, this can easily turn around.

“The question I get asked quite a bit is, what was your favorite moment in San Jose? And as you can see, there’s moments when you pointed at the All Star Game, was it that? Was it beating St. Louis in Game 7 when we were the heavy, heavey underdogs going against the best team in the league? Was it retiring as a Shark? Was it having the opportunity to walk out to center ice and drop the puck, to hear the roar of the crowd one more time? They are all great moments. How can you pick one? When you have an organization, friends, family, fans, that all shared it with you, there’s no way you can pick one.”

Nolan will forever be a class act in not only San Jose Sharks history, but in the history of hockey as a whole.

Take a look at what was posted on the Sharks website: