San Jose Sharks: What Can Brenden Dillon Do To Help The Blue Line?


Today, the San Jose Sharks traded Jason Demers and a 3rd-round draft pick in the 2016 draft for Brenden Dillon of the Dallas Stars. The San Jose Sharks said goodbye to the Demers project. He was a fan favorite in San Jose and had a good personality for the team but that didn’t translate to success on the ice. He was suppose to be the next “Dan Boyle”, it just didn’t work out for him. I hope it pans out for him being paired up with Alex Goligoski in Dallas.

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Brenden Dillon is 24 years old, he weighs 203 lbs and is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. He is a very physical defensemen, similar to Douglas Murray, but is more mobile e has a good first pass out of the zone. His offensive skills aren’t very good but he does have a booming shot from the point.

What Dillon can do to help the Sharks blue line is add to the physical nature of his game. There is not really any physical defensemen that we have on our team except maybe for Vlasic. The Sharks are generally a soft team ever since Darryl Sutter left the Sharks organization. He can also help the Sharks because I think Dillon is much more sound defensively and doesn’t give space and time for the opponents to set up and shoot. Overall, I think Dillon has improved the Sharks blue line a lot from after this trade. Brendan Dillon is struggling in his second year, he only has one assist thus far. But last year, he had 6 goals and 11 assists. Hopefully a change of scenery can do him some good.

I hope both teams benefit from this. The Sharks needed a left handed defensemen and the Stars needed a right handed defensemen.  The trade can work for both teams and both players. But, Jason Demers, it was a good ride. You had promise for the Sharks but it just didn’t pan out.

Welcome to San Jose, Brenden Dillon!