San Jose Sharks Have Highest NHL Travel Record, Ever!


The 2014-15 campaign has been a rough one for the San Jose Sharks. Not only is the team looking at a pretty terrible 10-9-4 record (at least it’s a terrible record for the Sharks), but they have also been traveling non-stop. Sure, we knew that the guys would be all over North America at the start of the season, however they are now the only team in NHL history to start the season with 16 of 21 games on the road.

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No wonder the record isn’t that great.

The Sharks have had little time to practice with all the travel, are fatigued more than most of their opposing teams and really need to get used to the line changes imposed this year. Sure, none of these are excuses, but it does explain a bit where the guys are coming from. Not to mention the injuries on the roster at the moment.

The Sharks website has a pretty awesome infographic breaking down the three road trips so far this year.

What does everyone think? Is this to blame for the current record?